>I double-, no, triple-dog dare you!

He had stepped out of the boat many times before, but there was something different about this step. It felt different. His feet, just like his heart sunk as he stepped in; hoping to catch the familiar sandy beach, he couldn’t feel the ground, but the surface surprisingly felt stronger than he had ever experienced. He swallowed and sighed as he locked his focus unto his friends’, who stood a few feet from him.He had come to know and trust him.

He recalled the fishing experience, that’s where it all began. He had learned to depend on him since. He reflected on the monotonous and confining life he lived prior to meeting his friend. That has all changed now… He is enjoying his new life and now this…this is just super sensational. He knew he didn’t deserve this friendship but he had become used to his friend over time and he’d grown to trust him completely.

“Should I come further?” he shouted. “Come”, his friend said gently. He took another step and tried to keep his balance. It was unnecessary as the bottom of his feet felt stronger than before. “This is not so bad” he thought to himself and took yet another step; He grew increasingly confident with each step forward. His gaze was now completely fixed on his friend. He knew he had to pay attention…he was walking on water.

He had managed to block out all the distractions around him and had taken enough steps forward. It seemed he’d gotten far away from his familiarities, the safety and sound of the boat, the panic in the voice of his friends who thought he was an idiot to try something like that, the naysers, and those who urged him on. Everything had died down. It was quiet.Almost too quiet for him because he began getting concerned with the serenity of his environment, “I am doing something I never dreamed possible, and yet nothing is happening…there must be something wrong” He thought to himself. The walk seems to be taking forever; he was losing his excitement, it wasn’t daring any longer, in fact it was getting a bit mundane for him. “I have taken enough steps to know my way around here…do I really need to fix my eyes on my friend, I’m pretty sure I can manage”

He felt his heart skip a beat as the string of thoughts crossed his mind. His heart began to beat faster, his mind raced, he began to shake vehemently as he felt the cool ocean breeze on his skin …the urge was getting stronger and so was the sound of ocean waves and the violent winds. He thought it was only a matter of time…before he looked away. His knees got weaker. The noise around him had become unbearable, feeling totally distracted, it was getting difficult to hold his focus. He had enough experience to know he couldn’t survive the magnitude of the storms if he lost his ground. He compared himself to the size of his circumstances and imagined his perceived problems will dwarf him…at this point he had grown extremely flabbergasted. He longed for the comfort of the boat, the familiar sights and sounds to offer him support if he were to loose his ground. He had become totally convinced; drowning was inevitable, he took one more step forward; he missed his step and looked away.

Like a ton of bricks, what seem like a million gallons of water smashed against his face. He felt the drag from the violent wind. The ground he stood on had given in. He was swept off by another wave. “I am drowning!” he streamed. Struggling to catch his breath, another wave tossed him upside down, and he let out an aghast scream, Save me Lord” Immediately, he felt the comfort of his friend’s palm in his palm and felt his feet get secured again, before he could say anything, he heard the disappointment in his friends tone. “You have so little faith, why did you doubt?”

This is a story of a man who actually stepped out of a boat in the middle of the ocean. It is apparent that he was inspired by his friend whom he had grown quite fond of.

If you’ve been around business for a while, you probably have heard words like, step out of the boat. It’s usually a dare to assume a challenge. Sometimes it is direct, like get out of your comfort zone. Many people have taken on the dare and began taking steps forward. Often, in the process, many loose sight of their inspiration. Sometimes they feel they don’t need any more inspiration and that they can accomplish the journey themselves, other times they loose confidence in their ability to accomplish the task they made a commitment to. Unfortunately, it is during these times that many feel dwarfed by their circumstances.

Feelings of insecurity have become accepted as a natural human experience, however there are times that you feel above your insecurities, you become invincible. Sport’s commentators have a name for it…”the zone”. In the zone, everything is possible. Recently the Boston Celtics won their 17th championship, beating the Los Angeles Lakers 4–2 in the 2008 NBA Finals. Kevin Garnett was interviewed after the game, hyped to the T, and swollen with emotion, he cried out “Anything is possible….top of the world, top of the world!!!” Many times though, we don’t all feel on top of the world, we often wonder if we are ever going to get through to our destination. I will like to suggest that in moments when we waver in doubt, there is one thing we have done for certain. We have taken our eye off our inspiration.

In life there will always be people, things and circumstances that are and will be bigger, stronger, better, smarter, confident than we are and will ever be, but none of them is in our shoes at the moment. None of them have been inspired to step out of the boat the way we have been. We have been inspired, and we have responded, we have taken some steps of faith, and we’ve seen progress and grown confident. Our challenge is not to allow the winds and storms into our imagination. They were there before we took the first step; they will be there when we get to our destination. In fact, that is their place, they will always be there. We have done great by becoming oblivious to them thus far; continue to keep them at bay and take another step forward. The boat and the familiar are behind you now. Take yet another step forward… lock your sight on your inspiration. You will get to your destination.

2 thoughts on “>I double-, no, triple-dog dare you!

  1. Wonderful website you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics discussed here?

    I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get suggestions from other experienced
    individuals that share the same interest. If
    you have any recommendations, please let me know.

    Appreciate it!

    1. Hi there, thanks for the comment. I have been away from blogging for a while so I apologize for the late response. Yeah, I’m not sure of an online community forum per say but a lot of my views are Christian based and inspired from a small group meeting I have with some friends from my local church in Ontario, Canada. I aspire to be authentic in my views, but they are influenced by my beliefs.

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