>My Business – Everyone!

>What is it you do for a living? Nabil.

I hear this question quite often, so I wanted to share with all my friends and family, what I do for a living.I am in the business of offering Investment and Insurance solutions for individuals, families and small businesses. In other words, I am a Financial Securities Advisor.

About the Company:

I currently work with London Life, Quadrus Investment and Freedom 55. London Life was founded in 1874 in Ontario. We offer Canadians financial security advice and planning through our Freedom 55 Financial division. London Life™ has helped Canadians meet their financial security needs for over 130 years.

What qualifies me to provide financial advice?

I have an honours Bachelor of Arts, majored in Economics and Computer Science, minor in Commerce at McMaster University.I have two years, Banking and Investment experience. I successfully completed the Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Conducts and Practices Handbook (CPH), Life License Qualifier Program (LLQP) and Accident and Sickness, Full life Licensed in the Province of Ontario, and a Mutual Funds Dealer in Canada.Why is financial advice Important?Whether you want to retire at 35, 45, 55, or 65 with $100,000 or $2,000,000 sitting in your bank account and investments or you want a $1,000,000 in death benefits when you pass on to glory. I can work with you to suggest the right Investments and Insurance solutions for you.

Are you retiring soon?

I will give you good financial advice. I understand estate preservation and the ability to maintain your standard of living is important to you. I will suggest tax minimization and avoidance tools such as RRSPs, RRIFs, Annuities, and Life Insurance Solutions to help you. Although Government pension programs such as Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) Old Age Security (OAS) are available to you, they might not be enough; especially with inflation and rising cost of living. You will need some quality growth in a well diversified portfolio. I want to work with you so you can enjoy your retirement.

Working Class Individuals with or without young families:

If you are thinking the Canada Pension programs will not be adequate for you, come retirement, I think you are right. Your priority now is to save for retirement, educate your children and reduce your taxes. I can provide you with advice on trusted Canadians tax minimizing and avoidance tools such as Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), and Registered Retirements Savings Plan (RRSPs). We can work together on selecting a whole range of mutual funds and other investments that will help meet your financial goals. Investment while you are younger is extremely advantageous, because you have time on your side to build a strong future. We can also look into Term, Whole Life or Universal Life insurance solutions to meet you and your families security needs.

My friends who are small business owners:

You are thinking of financial Independence in retirement, Protection of finances for your families, business continuation and succession planning, cash management, tax reduction and finding capital for your business. I will work with you to learn everything about your financial needs since they are varied. I want to provide you with sound Investment and insurance solutions to meet you and your families changing needs.

For my property virgins, first time home buyer:

I can work with you to refer you to a mortgage specialist and provide you with smart banking solutions such as helping you secure a Line of credit.You are probably currently giving to charity or planning on giving or leaving a large sum of money or estate to charity. I want to commend you on that. You want to make a difference, but you may also want your philanthropic deed to be remembered. Let’s discuss how you can go about it.

Financial planning is essential. A smart, friendly, and trustworthy advisor is invaluable.

I am ready to serve you. Call me. 905.561 5177 EXT 331. I will meet you at your home, place of work or we can chat at your favourite restaurant. Come by my office if it is more convenient for you:

Stelco TowersFreedom
55 Financial100 King Street West suite 600
Hamilton Ontario.

When I am your confidential advisor, not only will I advice you on the best suitable investments and insurance solution from my full and complete understanding of your financial needs; I will also tell you that the best investments, are in people; because the return on investment (ROI) is eternal. In order words, I will tell you the truth and not only the facts. There is a big difference.

When you think of your money or your friend’s and family’s money, think of Nabil Mensah. When it comes to Financial Solutions, Your Problem is My Business. For more information about my company please check http://www.freedom55financial.com/freedom55/english/default.asp

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